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About Us

We deliver solutions through technology while predicting future-first experiences and ensuring quality, agility, and integrity at the core. We are focused to create hyper - personalized experiences, drive customer-centric transformation and provide practical solutions for digital business transformation.

Our Success Story

Started in 2018, ProDT came into existence identifying the need of digital transformation and with a vision to become a hyper - automation company. A common link within the management team got everyone together and we embarked on a voyage. Our first breakthrough was into travel industry, it gave us a kick start and since then there is no looking back. . Within just 4 years of our existence, we have given a taste of success to multiple industries, startups and enterprises sitting across the borders.

Our Milestone

6+ Industries

18+ Clients

10+ Development Team

10+ Projects

10+ DevOps Engineers

30+ ProDT Team Members

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Started in 2018

Built and operationalized the entire technology for a Travel Startup in Middle East

Took the company from ground to among the top 5 airline booking websites within a year with revenue more than $10M


Pandemic struck

Reorganised and restructured the organisation.

Started developing the core management team.

Acquired new customers, and expanded into multiple domains


New customer acquisition and partnership

5 productised services

Scale middle-east

Entry to Japan (Korea, Singapore, australia)


Vision to become the leading Hyper-automation company for enterprises.

Our Journey Map

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