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ProDT holds professional experience in tech consulting, design and plan customized D2C journey for your business. We are professionally competent in building brands with our expertise in providing branding strategy, digital marketing strategies, D2C services, and D2C business model, etc.
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Services We Provide

D2C Consulting

As part of our D2C consulting services, we provide market research , which yields important insights in technology, competition, consumer behaviour, logistics management, data warehousing, digital marketing and promotion, etc.


Blending content with a unique look and feel, we design the structure and flow of digital content to drive maximum engagement while highlighting your brand.


We will research, design, develop and launch innovative and engaging website that increases conversions. We specialize in custom e-commerce websites and mobile development using WEM , integrating multi-platform systems and provide post-launch support for conversion optimization.


We aim to build your brand identity by aligning everything ranging from design to content on your website. We also study competitors to understand where your target audience is most active, to build your social media presence around your niche and a customer-centric D2C model.


We provide customized digital marketing services and plan that aligns with your unique business needs. Implement SEO and marketing practices to drive new customers to your website. Use social media to create brand awareness and launch targeted ads to widen your audiences across different channels.


Higher margins

By eliminating the middlemen D2C allows brands to sell products at the same price as retailers. D2C allows you to have much better control over your marketing and ultimately your profit margins.

Expanded market opportunities

Customizing products according to customer's behaviour from Web analytics, social media insights etc. Performance marketing has the power to connect consumers to brands and products in ways that no other channel can.

Control over branding

E-commerce gives better opportunity to attract customers by using SEO to improve search engine rankings, target ads to widen the audiences, enable social media channels for brand awareness and customer engagement etc.

Reduce operational cost

Web-based management systems like E-commerce, CRM, CMS etc allows you to automate inventory management and decrease the associated costs.Web-based softwares are easy to maintain, customizable and better Integration Capabilities. Running an ecommerce store reduces overhead costs compared to a physical store.

Targeted data

Gathering an enormous amount of data about your customers, through marketing channels, sales etc can help in creating a detailed buyer’s persona. You can learn what your customers like quicker and in more detail to better serve them. By better understanding customer behaviour, demographics can help in pushing your brand to the targeted audience.

D2C Roadmap

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