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With our transformation-centric models, you can begin your journey with the most cutting-edge technology and always stay one step ahead. Automation is a Key Ingredient to Success, since it helps us obtain superior data and insights, save time, establish standard operating procedures, and make better use of emerging technology. .


Startups are usually born with an idea in mind. Some startups struggle to build their ideas in absence of a technical co-founder. ProDT's Build-Operate-Transition model overcomes such challenges for startups. So while you focus on customer acquisition and sales, we focus on your technology.

Our Build-Operate-Transition model is a win-win game for you, We bring you decades of experience in IT and consult you to select the right tech stack. With the right industry knowledge we help you achieve the outcome. We can develop your applications with speed and, hire, deploy and manage resources to operational your processes and when you are ready to takeover, the entire setup is yours.

BOT Life-Cycle

MVP With Speed

The world today demands speed. It is essential to have a strong line up of tech and people to keep up with the competition. At ProDT, we pride ourselves on our ability to build applications quickly and efficiently. We follow agile and deliver highly scalable solutions on the most modern and secure platforms. With agile and no-code in our bucket we ensure a quick turnaround in all our development services.

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