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ProDT aims to integrate your business with the cloud environment and automation in the best way and make it easy for you to reduce heavy workflows by creating a smart architecture and optimization to boost efficiency.
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Our DevOps team is proficient in different tools & services which are aligned to meet your business goals quickly & cost effectively.

Public Cloud

Public clouds can save companies from expensive costs, and provide faster deployment and security. Our certified DevOps team is well equipped with knowledge and skill-set to bring out the most value from AWS to build the best IT infrastructure for your business.


Kickstart your cloud journey with the right containerization strategy through Docker and Kubernetes. Containerization increases the efficiency of the DevOps process by accelerating the deployment process, streamlining the workflows, and minimizing infrastructure conflicts. It also offers an efficient way for the development teams to build, test and deploy.

Configuration Management

We can help manage your processes (from workflow till implementation) and procedures that can ease your monitoring process and help faster restoration of services incase of failure using Configuration Management tools like Ansible.

Infrastructure Automation

Automate your processes of server provisioning, configuration management, and code deployments using Infrastructure Automation tools like Terraform, AWS Cloud Formation. Infrastructure Automation enables teams to achieve faster application delivery while eliminating human error and paving the way for greater consistency.

Log Aggregation

Monitoring various cloud-based processes becomes complex in the absence of proper log aggregation tools. To overcome this, we provide log management service through ELK Log Aggregation tool which offers automatic and easy troubleshooting and alerting.

Monitoring and Altering

In the later stages of development, monitoring your system and infrastructure becomes critical to analyse performance of your services. We provide robust monitoring services that gathers system metrics, visualizes data, and sets alerts using Prometheus and Grafana.


With our CICD service, we can ease your cloud processes by automating your development and deployment processes. Continuous Integration (CI) allows you to continuously integrate your code into a single repository and Continuous Deployment (CD) allows you to continuously deploy your build to production. We use Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, Code Artifact, CodePipeline, Github Actions etc for CICD stack.

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