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Supercharge your Software Engineering - Part 1

Penned By -
Sanjeev Lalwani
Build a Digital-First mindset into your organization.

Digital Transformation is a company's transformation from a product-centric organization to a customer-centric one, by embedding digital experiences at the core of the company's culture.  It is an ongoing process that has at its core a commitment to making a company's customer experience as simple, as personal, and as satisfying as possible.

The keys to a successful digital transformation

So, I started asking a simple question: Who is the customer for a tech team or software engineering function? I realized that digital transformation will only succeed when the core engineering teams are transformed into a Digital mindset.

This is where we started to focus on DevOps. I got my start in entrepreneurship by creating a software engineering team and asking my development teams to identify repetitive tasks so that I could find ways to improve the quality of our software.

The answer was simple and was practised by most modern digital companies, and there were enough reasons to note that the adoption was lacking.  Software developers, technical architects, business analysts, and operations teams were mostly executing their tasks manually and most of these are repetitive in nature, governed by processes, however, lacked implementation of the digital culture.

In this ever so changing landscape entrepreneurs, business stakeholders, and tech teams, often neglect the obvious areas of improvement.  The core of any Digital Transformation journey is being Digital from the innermost teams.

Supercharging software engineering

Supercharge software engineering is an attempt to address how various processes in our s/w engineering lifecycle can help address the need to Digitally Transform enterprises.  I aim to provide an introduction to the most critical and fundamental processes from the developer's desk to a user click to build a sustainable and reliable Digital enterprise.

About Next Series

I aim to cover the following areas in this Supercharge your software engineering series, share some widely-used tools and technologies, share a few examples of automation we have performed and make a case with your sponsors. Automating Continuous Integration (CI), Automating Static Code Analysis, Automating Continuous Deployment (CD), Automating Cloud Operations