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World of Recruitment - The Basics, Skills and Best Practices

Penned By -
Anuja Deshmukh

                                       Startups receive hundreds of job offers a year, and arranging a recruitment marketing campaign is a mechanism to confirm that your way is different from others. But how can you attract their attention without climbing office stairs?

The phrase ‘recruitment marketing’ has turned into the recruitment industry’s favourite tagline since 2016. As it helps organisations become a lot   more proactive about the talent personas that they’re going after events, pipelining, contents or talent networks, recruiters have some platforms like GitHub and StackOverflow that they need to look at to find great developers. But in reality, some tech companies have been working on it for years. From providing free smoothies to slides in the office, startups have attained a name for creating funky ways to attract new developers.

What is Technical Recruitment?

Technical recruitment is sourcing technical talent for IT and technology-based roles such as UX design, Data Analyst, Full Stack developer. It can seem pretty exciting, especially if you are not a techie. Technologies like Java and JavaScript sound similar but are the opposite. It does not matter if you are unsure of the nuts and bolts of each technology.  However, it is important to know what type of skills are required for that role and the types of projects you would work on. Sometimes, asking candidates to explain what they do, not only checks their technical skills, but also gives an indication of their patience and communication.  

Technical recruitment is very challenging, however, the best thing about working in this environment is the opportunity to connect with different levels of people. I have connected with ex- candidates though it’s time consuming and difficult to maintain relations with them, but investing in them can pay off when it's time to hire and also it helps to reduce work on new candidates.

How Does a Recruiter can attract and hire tech talent ?

Every recruiter has his own technique, but there are some common activities in technical recruitment such as:

  • Understanding the position before starting sourcing: Begin with making notes for building your guide during the entire process. e.g. who will conduct the interview, who to hire, which types of candidates you should target, etc.  
  • Preparing job description: Preparing a well-written job description that includes qualifications, salaries and benefits, etc. can attract the candidates.
  • Interviewing the best candidates: Never forget to ask the candidates about their previous projects and the methodologies they used
  • Organise Hackathon: Another way to hire a good candidate is Hackathon. We will get the best talents through these hackathons. But Recruiter needs to write the proper content for hackathon challenges.  


Constructive recruitment and selection can contribute positively to a company. This will expand the chances of companies attracting a wide range of candidates. If we advertise specific criteria that are relevant to the job, then we can get much better results in our recruitment process. Therefore, a thorough recruitment and selection process should be followed.