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Using social media for recruitment

Penned By -
Anuja Deshmukh

Recruitment is the process of sourcing, short listing and selecting the right candidate for the right position. There are lots of techniques for recruitment like external advertising which includes most of the ads you see on a daily basis such as signs or displays and print advertising includes newspapers, magazines, etc. Social media advertising is the practice of online advertising that focuses on social networking services and many more. Most of the companies utilise social media for recruitment. Being active on social media allows you to find the appropriate candidates in lots of ways.

In this blog, I will discuss some of the ways of social media recruitment.

Participate in the right conversations:

- LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most frequented social media platform and world’s largest professional network. Being active on LinkedIn groups is a great way where you can find candidates and select the right ones. Using hashtags is another way to get your job openings in front of the candidate. Hashtags on LinkedIn are used to reach as many candidates as possible including those not connected to you. Using hashtags will make your content discoverable.

It is a well known fact that a person searching for vacancies will always always look into every opportunity he gets, but it also means that there will be a lot of competition for recruitment. It is very important that along with the job description, you mention the perks of working in that organization. Never forget that an employee always considers his future when joining an organization so make sure that the job you post for, shows the promise for their career growth as well.

- Facebook: Facebook is the perfect place to offer industry insights and post your vacant position. It is not a secret that Facebook is one of the most important platforms that helps connect people with each other. This is true when it comes to placements and recruitment as well.

Unlike traditional job portals, Facebook has a lot of potential and so attracts fresher candidates. By doing this you are not just searching for candidates, you are creating candidates that are interested in getting a job. This is achieved through the ‘Job Opening’ tab, situated on the right to their profiles, where they can see what is available.

- Instagram: Instagram is the most used social media platform nowadays. Many companies advertise themselves on Instagram, thus making it this a great opportunity to attract potential candidates that are versatile and have knowledge from different domains. Instagram is a highly engaging way to promote your brand via videos, pictures, and text captions. You can create a positive image about your organization through Instagram.  

Take a soft approach and promote your culture:

You should also share content that shows your organization is the best place to work so that you can organically attract candidates. People love talking about organizations with unique cultures so this type of content gets a lot of shares. Make sure that you represent your organization as a place that allows the employee to work comfortably but efficiently and not too homey or rigid.

Help your recruiters grow a social media presence:

Corporate accounts can only accomplish limited things. Individual recruiters can make person to person connections with candidates, however they should know the best media practices. Thus make sure that your recruiters are well versed with various platforms so that they can connect with as many people as possible.

Involve every employee:

One of the best advertising techniques is communicating with people so it is of utmost importance that your current employees speak in a way that creates a positive image of the organization. Encourage your staff to promote your brand and to share the openings. Most organizations have strict social media rules but allowing your employees to talk about their work in a responsible manner can pique the curiosity of a potential candidate.

Today, social media is heavily used by companies and recruitment professionals to promote their brand and to find the right candidate. At the same time it becomes very important for every brand or company to make their presence worthwhile on these social media platforms. Therefore, it is important to learn the right skills on social media to best attract as many potential candidates as one can, in order to select the best one to fill a vacancy.