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The Power of Transformation: Unveiling Patience and Listening

February 14, 2024
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Anuja Deshmukh

As a recruiter, my daily tasks involve more than just matching candidates to job roles; it is a journey of understanding, patience, and precise listening. While the job might seem to revolve around resumes and interviews, the skills of listening and patience have proven to be my most valuable assets. Here is how my role as a recruiter has transformed me into a better listener and a more patient individual

From Rushing to Reflecting: How Patience Enhances Recruitment

Throughout my journey as an HR recruiter, I have come to realize the significant impact that patience and listening skills have on the success of my role. I used tofeel compelled to rush through work and Discussions, eager to meet deadlines and move on to the next item on my to-do list. I realized that rushing through tasks and conversations hindered effective communication.

It prevented me from fully understanding the needs and aspirations of the candidates. This new way of thinking changed how I did my job. It made me focus on quality rather than quantity and building real connections instead of just doing business. I began to see candidates as people with their own stories, not just names on a list.

The Magic of Patience: A Recruiter's Guide to Understanding Candidates

Recognizing the value of patience, I realized that when I rushed through my work and talked with people, it made it hard to really understand them. It is like trying to read a book by just looking at the pictures on the cover. Hence, I took the decision to slow down and be fully present in each interaction.

I realized that patience is more than just waiting for things to happen; it is also about being patient with the process, allowing applicants to completely express themselves and for me to understand their unique stories and objectives. By being patient, I was able to create an environment in which candidates felt respected, heard, and understood. Active listening involves not only paying attention to their words but also observing their non-verbal cues, asking thoughtful questions, and providing them with the necessary space to share their thoughts and concerns. This method allowed me to have a better grasp of each candidate's motivations, strengths, and areas for improvement.

This change not only made me better at my job but also made me a better person. It was like discovering a new side of myself. By listening more and being patient, I learned to understand people better and care more about their feelings. It is like learning how to connect with others on a deeper level. My job was not about finishing tasks anymore; it became a chance to make friends and help candidates succeed.


In the world of recruitment, success is not defined by filling job positions; it is about creating connections that benefit both the candidate and the company. My position as a recruiter has sharpened my, teaching me that every word holds significance, and every candidate has a unique story to share. By combining patience with active listening, I have not only excelled in my job but also grown as an individual who values the art of understanding and connecting with others and This transformation has made me more empathetic in all aspects of my life, enriching both my career and my personal journey.