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Restarting IT Career With No-code Platform

Penned By -
Trupti Gaikwad

Starting is always the most difficult part, whether it is a simple chore at home or restarting your career after a long break. Inertia always plays tricks and you might feel like you lost the flow in your career after a career break. You might also feel unmotivated and might be struggling to move forward.

Story of my previous experience - From where I started and briefs about my experience

I started my career in 2013 with the PHP platform as an intern, then I felt like it is the only platform that I have to continue further. So after completing my internship, I searched for a firm that works with PHP and continued my career in the same. I have been working for around 4 years with the PHP platform, in between, I switched 2 companies for my financial growth.

In 2017, a sudden change happened. Just like everyone has to go through an unexpected situation, I had to face one. At the time of my pregnancy, I had to leave my job in the 7th month because of some health issues. Till that time I was not thinking of any career break, but I had to take a 5 years break. Yes, 5 years break.


Problems I faced while restarting my career

In 2021, I started thinking about restarting my career. But I had to face many problems like,

  • Which firm will allow me to join with my previous experience with a long gap in my career.
  • I had to brush up my skills, as I forgot each and every syntax(not the logic behind coding, just the syntax).
  • Nowadays most firms choose candidates who have updated knowledge of any platform or who have the latest skills knowledge. So I was not in that category.
  • I had to think about upgrading my skills to rejoin.
  • I had to enroll myself in any course which is in the trend for hiring candidates. For that surely I had to pay course fees.
  • I had to search for only those firms which are providing work from home facility, to balance my work and mother's job.

How ProDT helped me in my career

After facing that many issues, I finally found a firm that allows me to restart my career after 5 years of career break. Thanks to ProDT for giving me the opportunity.

With the WEM no-code platform that requires more logical reasoning than specific syntaxes, I could quickly step back into development. Its reusable components and drag-n- drop functionality helps develop applications quickly. If required UI can be easily customized by adding few lines of codes. Its rich built-in components help create complex applications too that require third party integrations.

Why choose no code platform for restarting your career?

  1. A no-code development platform is a platform where you can create applications without having prior knowledge of coding.
  2. You can create any application by using graphical visualisation and drag and drop method.
  3. It is becoming a very popular and promising platform day by day.
  4. It is an alternative to traditional software development for programmer and non-programmer business users allowing them to create their full-fledged applications.

Pros of restarting a career with No code

  1. Working in the field which you like can transform your life.
  2. You will get that much-needed, elusive job satisfaction and which will also boost your confidence.
  3. A restarting career will throw completely new challenges at you, which will benefit you to engage yourself in your willing field.
  4. If you have enough knowledge in development then why waste it, use it in the right way after restarting your career.
  5. The sudden blow of the Covid 19 pandemic has made us all realise the uncertainties in many fields, and joining the IT industry is the most secure option as it provides flexibility in time and space.


Anyone can start or restart their career with a no-code platform, as it will not ask you to write code. That means any prior code experience is not necessary to choose this platform.

No-code platform will provide you with a drag-and-drop facility and you have to use a graphical interface to create any kind of website or application. Because of the use of drag-and-drop functionality, the time required for creating any website will be less as compared to coding platforms.