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How ProDT Helped In My Stress Management

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Anuja Deshmukh

As a small-town girl, after finishing my post-graduate studies, I enrolled in a few programming courses and began looking for work, but I didn't get any good opportunitiesAfter a few months, due to the covid-19 pandemic, I had to return to my hometown.I had the opportunity to work with PRODT during the pandemic. During my selection process, I was interviewed by the Company's HR and the CTO. The interview process was very smooth and comfortable, which helped me forget about my nerves. Fortunately, I was chosen as an HR intern and began working for the company on June 17, 2021.The next day after I started, there was a meeting which we call “Hangout Meeting'' where we play games, communicate to get to know each other better, and participate in various activities to unwind from our daily work routines and strengthen team bonds. So, I met all of the ProDT employees in that Hangout meeting. I was nervous because I had been told that the CEO of the Company, Mr. Sanjeev, would be present at that meeting. But he greeted me with a big smile and quickly dispelled my fear.And that’s how my PRODT journey started.

This was a completely new field for me, so I made many mistakes, but my colleagues, leaders, and CEO supported me throughout my journey. This internship has taught me a lot about what it takes to be an HR professional. I gained not only valuable experience, but also knowledge, confidence, and the ability to be patient. Furthermore, my communication skills improved, which aided me.Today, I’d like to share a personal story about how I dealt with work stress.

As part of my recruitment work, I sometimes manage only one or two criteria, while other times I manage several. The HR Manager assisted me in allocating responsibilities amongst ourselves and operating accordingly.All of a sudden I was in charge of 4-5 requirements, I was having difficulty concentrating. I used to work late into the night to complete this task. My mind was racing with ideas for work tasks or problems I needed to solve the following day. These things began to have an impact on my mental and physical health.

The Company’s CEO and HR began to notice my stress, and they aided me in how to deal with stress by advising me to engage in my hobbies and remain calm in stressful situations. A brief talk with them inspired me and helped me better manage my time and increased my productivity at work. In order to manage my time, I understood the importance of scheduling. While doing so, I started making a to-do list to finish daily assigned targets and so managed to focus for 2 hours on each requirement as well. And guess what? We filled 3 positions in less than a month. I received positive feedback from Sanjeev, which I was pleased to hear.

I am grateful to PRODT for creating a stress-free working environment for me. ProDT has a welcoming and open culture that encourages employees to share their concerns without fear of being judged. ProDT has aided my personal and professional development, and I continue to learn on a daily basis.