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Inside Sales Executive
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Having experience as inside sales executive for almost an year. My goal is to achieve the sales target and bring the outcome which can help the organization to grow and add value. I like building customer relationship as sales is not just selling your product or service its a trust building job.

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Saumya Singh

Digital Sales the new era

The sales landscape has shifted radically over the past decade or so. While phone calls, meetings, and other familiar sales staples still have a place in the field, digital sales tactics — techniques conducted through virtual channels — have emerged and started taking up some serious space.

What is digital sales?

Digital sales is essentially a catch-all term that covers any aspects of a sales process conducted digitally. That can include elements like cold outreach, sales enablement, or any other key sales activities that are supported by digital mediums like email, social media, and online reviews and testimonials.

Let's take a closer look at those three channels, how popular they are, and why they're important.


Email might be the most prominent digital sales resource employed by sales professionals. It has a strong presence in multiple stages of the typical sales org's process. Email is one of the older, more established digital sales resources available — and given its utility, accessibility, and ubiquity, it will likely continue to be a mainstay for most sales reps looking to register with prospects and customers.

Social Media

Social media can have tremendous value as a digital sales resource. Social media is borderline omnipresent in modern life, and that trend isn't stalling anytime soon — making the medium an increasingly essential resource for any salesperson looking for a way to connect with prospects or find effective content to support their sales efforts.

Online Reviews and Testimonials

Online reviews and testimonials offer some of the most effective sales enablement content reps can reference to support their sales efforts. People are more inclined to trust their industry peers and fellow consumers than businesses trying to push their products or services on them. That's why positive online reviews and testimonials can help your business project legitimacy, put prospects at ease, and ultimately support more effective sales efforts.