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Relationship Manager/BDR
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I have years of expertise in sales and operations as a seasoned relationship manager. I am skilled in data analysis, sales process improvement, and building and sustaining customer relationships. I've demonstrated success in achieving sales goals and raising client satisfaction. business thanks to my exceptional communication skills and enthusiasm for assisting customers in their success. I'm excited to contribute my expertise and help your business process thrive.

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Owesh Mulla

Effective Social Selling- Using LinkedIn

Social selling has become a game-changer for IT consulting firms seeking to sell their services and solutions. LinkedIn, a powerful platform, offers opportunities to engage with prospects, build relationships, and boost revenue. In this blog post, we will explore effective social selling strategies specifically tailored for small IT consulting firms, allowing them to thrive in the digital realm.

Following are the points to consider prior to start social selling using LinkedIn

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile:

Craft a professional and engaging LinkedIn profile that reflects your services. Use a high-quality headshot, create a compelling headline, and provide a concise summary of your expertise. Highlight relevant skills, certifications, and past successes to establish credibility and differentiate yourself.

Identify and Target Your Ideal Customers:

Define your target audience and use LinkedIn's advanced search features to filter and narrow down potential prospects. Focus on connecting with decision-makers who are most likely to benefit from your offerings.

Build a Strong Network:

Expand your network by connecting with professionals in your industry, potential clients, and thought leaders. Engage with their content, share insights, and initiate meaningful conversations to establish rapport and build relationships. Personalize connection requests to create a genuine connection.

Share Valuable Content:

Position yourself as an industry expert by regularly sharing high-quality content related to IT trends, best practices, and success stories. Create original content and curate relevant articles. Engage with comments and questions to foster conversations and build credibility.

Interact with Your Audience:

Like and comment on prospects' posts to show your interest and engagement. By interacting with their content, you demonstrate your knowledge and build rapport, increasing the likelihood of them considering your services.

Sales Appropriate Follow-ups:

After making initial connections or receiving inquiries, personalize your messages to stand out. Reference their industry, company, or recent achievements. Craft concise messages that clearly articulate the value your IT consulting firm can bring to their specific needs and challenges.

Leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Consider using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced search capabilities, lead recommendations, and personalized insights. Stay informed about prospects' activities, save leads, and track their updates to enhance your outreach efforts.


Effective social selling is essential for small IT consulting firms to succeed in today's competitive landscape. By optimizing your LinkedIn profile, targeting the right audience, building a strong network, sharing valuable content, interacting with your audience, following up appropriately, and leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can establish credibility, generate leads, and drive business growth. Embrace the power of LinkedIn and unlock the full potential of social selling to propel your IT consulting firm to new heights.

Owesh Mulla

Owesh's Transformation Story as a Sales Executive

Embracing the Journey of Growth and Success

Reflecting upon my transformative journey as a Sales Executive at ProDT, I find myself grateful for the invaluable experiences and opportunities that have shaped my professional growth. Each step has been a learning curve, propelling me towards becoming a proficient Sales Executive with a keen focus on relationship management.

Key Learning Experiences: Navigating the Sales Landscape

My journey began with the intricacies of outbound sales, cold calling in the Indian region, and gradually expanding to the Middle East. Over time, I dived into the realm of Social Selling, a pivotal shift that broadened my approach. Handling documentation, including SOW, MSA, NDA, and Proposals, further refined my skills, enhancing my understanding of our products and services.

Skill Development: A Sales Arsenal

The evolution in my role saw the honing of crucial skills such as communication, client servicing, relationship management, prospecting, and efficient documentation. These skills have become the pillars of my effectiveness as a Sales Executive, enabling me to navigate diverse challenges in the sales landscape.

Work Environment and Collaboration: Guided by Experience

Collaboration with colleagues, particularly under the guidance of Sanjeev, has been instrumental in refining my approach to relationship marketing. Sanjeev's wealth of experience in client-facing roles has been a beacon, shaping my understanding of the intricate dynamics involved.

Client Success Stories: From Social Selling to Project Wins

One notable success stems from adopting a social selling approach on LinkedIn, bringing in Copart as a client. Today, we boast three successful projects with them, a testament to the strength of relationship marketing in driving business success.

Mentorship and Guidance: A Mentor's Impact

Mentorship, embodied by Sanjeev, has played a pivotal role in my professional journey. His guidance and support have been transformative, elevating my skills and contributing significantly to my growth in the sales domain.

Adapting to Changes: A Constant Evolution

The sales environment is ever-evolving, and my journey has been no exception. Adapting to role changes and increased responsibilities has been a constant, allowing me to thrive in a dynamic landscape.

Personal Growth Beyond Sales: Storytelling, Communication, and Networking

Beyond professional development, my journey has extended into personal growth. I've embraced the art of storytelling, perfected communication skills, and recognized the paramount importance of networking in the realm of sales.

Impact of the Company Culture: Nurturing Success

ProDT's vibrant company culture has been a catalyst for my success. Daily scrums, weekly sales calls, and engaging hangout activities have not only enhanced my sales skills but have also contributed to a supportive and nurturing environment, fostering personal development.

Future Aspirations: Aiming for Account Executive Mastery

Looking ahead, my aspirations are set on becoming an Account Executive. The multifaceted responsibilities at ProDT, from managing inbound leads to supporting clients through entire project cycles, are equipping me with the skills necessary for this next step in my career.

In conclusion, my journey at ProDT as a Sales Executive has been a transformative experience, marked by growth, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence. As I eagerly anticipate the future, I am excited about the limitless possibilities and challenges that lie ahead, confident in my ability to navigate them and continue evolving as a successful sales professional.