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The 8 Most Important Work Habits

January 3, 2024
Penned By -
Nikita Walwani

Be punctual and professional:  one of the things that frustrates boss a lot is being constantly late to work. Nothing drives them crazier than this, if you really want to be in their good books, stop getting late to work, aims to reach 10 mins early, although it's harder to be punctual while you are working from home but still manage to login on time. Scheduling and attending meeting on time is important regardless of your job position. Professional habits help in building a productive work environment. And the best way to include this habit in your life is to schedule your time or hours.  

Respect and achieve deadlines: Achieving task deadlines can leave best impression of yours on your leads it shows how effectively and efficiently you can work in tight project deadlines. It shows that you are countable and can be chosen to perform task within deadline.  

If your struggles with your tasks then you should start setting up with short term tasks for yourself and team it can you be your action plan to be experienced enough to work on realistic deadlines.

Take initiative on projects: Once a need has been identified of the project, you can take the initiative to the project to strengthen the impression on you manager. To do good work and climb the success leader you must work on your skills, if you do not have required skills, take a note of it and start learning the new skill to enhance your professional skills and fill the knowledge gaps. If you do not have task, ask for it even if it is not in your job description this will make you different among your peers.  

Ask smart questions: Asking questions is the best way of showing your worth at work. It's fine to get nervous before asking something that is relevant to your project, but it's very important to show what’s going on your mind about the present situation. It will show that you are putting your efforts and are interested to know what going on.

Admit mistakes and learn from it: It’s normal to make mistakes in your task at your workplace, but the best practice is to learn from your mistake and don’t repeat the same mistake again. Admit your mistake, apologies for it, work on it and try not to repeat it follow these steps and you will able to convince the other person that you are sincere towards your mistake and capable enough to handle it and avoid the similar situation in the future.  

Communicate effectively: Communication is the way of conveying your thoughts to other person and at work you do need to more careful about it. Most of the times you may have great ideas to represent but your Commnication way may not good enough to convey it in the way you wanted it to be, that can leave a bad impression on your manager for the future. Organizations appreciate the employees with good communication skills. Whether it’s by engaging in the meeting of updates, your regular tasks, discussion the things with client and so on. Your ability to communicate effectively can catch the eye of the manager.

Take criticism well: Criticism is the part of everyone’s life whether it's your personal live or professional. One should not take it personally or always be frown at it rather accept it and work on it. “No one is perfect” if appreciation is important for one to get confident, giving or receiving negative feedbacks also plays important role in your growth and it is something that you need from time to time. Feedbacks is to help you to focus on the things and finding the best version of yourself. Handling criticism depends on the emotional part of person, the easiest way to handle it by holding back your initial reaction, asking question and feel free to put fourth yourself with a positive attitude.

Say no to procrastination: Sometimes your present task becomes so tedious and lengthy that you postpone it to later, but postponing important stuff just make it worse and before you realize it you pass the deadline which is not good for the project as well you. If task is bothering you too much and you also want to get over it, just commit to a task at hand and finish it don’t postpone it at later time.