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Reviving One's Career

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I completed my engineering in BE(IT) from Bharti Vidyapeeth Pune in 2016. After completing my education, I did some language courses like Java and PHP which were related to front end and backend development. Then I started giving interviews for the position of a software developer at different IT companies.

What were my challenges:

During my journey, I started facing multiple challenges. I was interviewed by many companies and in these, I cracked all aptitude tests given to me. On an average I was able to clear 6 to 7 rounds of interviews in most companies, however there were a few companies where I was able to clear all the interview rounds. All these efforts were not getting rewarded as I was not getting selected for a long time until I got an offer from a company in Pune. I worked at the company for a short period of time as I had to leave due to health issues.

Once my health became better, I began searching for a job once more. The long/increasing career gap of two years led me to feel depressed and frustrated, therefore I was not able to focus. Despite my situation, I showed tremendous determination and I was connected with PRODT through a consultancy service. I successfully gave 2 to 3 rounds of interview and was offered a position as a software engineer.

Changes in me since I joined PRODT:

I joined PRODT on 8th March 2021. PRODT incorporated a no-code platform and expected us to work from home (due to the COVID19 pandemic), which was a new experience to me. I wondered if this work culture was appropriate to me but after a while, I comfortably adapted.

I really love the innovative and disciplined culture I am working in. I see myself as productive and satisfied. I have learnt many new things in PRODT and I have noticed an improved version of myself since I joined.

I have made some healthy lifestyle changes as I started working out regularly, reading books and learning new languages like French. As a result, I see myself as a completely focused and positive individual. Also, I talked to friends and tried to understand their views on the coding line. Everyone had different opinions and experiences which drew my attention towards the uniqueness of our lines of code. I am very grateful for being a part of PRODT and hope to contribute extraordinarily to our unique culture.