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Journey from Non-IT recruiter to IT recruiter

December 26, 2023
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Ripandeep Lotey

Embarking on my journey from a non-IT recruiter to a seasoned professional (IT Recruiter) was a transformative experience, magnified by the unwavering support and enriching culture of my current organization. The company not only recognized my potential but also invested wholeheartedly in my growth.

Professional development in ProDT

From the moment I joined ProDT, I felt embraced by a culture that values collaboration and continuous learning. One of the standout features of this organization is its unwavering commitment to professional development. As I continue to grow in my role, I am grateful for the investment ProDT has made in my professional journey. It's more than just a job; it's a path to constant improvement and excellence. Cheers to a workplace that understands that our growth is not just an asset to us individually but an investment in the success of the entire team.

Continuous learning in ProDT

At ProDT, continuous learning is more than a concept—it's our culture. From cutting-edge IT recruitment techniques to ongoing skill refinement, we invest in our team's growth. Regular workshops, mentorship, and a collaborative environment ensure that we stay ahead in our field, fostering success through a commitment to learning.  

My Manager, Jyotsana, generously shared their expertise, fostering an environment of continuous learning. Regular feedback sessions were instrumental in refining my approach, shaping me into a more effective recruiter. The leadership's open-door policy encouraged open communication, making me feel heard and valued.

The company's commitment to innovation played a pivotal role in my evolution. Exposure to cutting-edge technologies and trends in the IT landscape expanded my horizons, allowing me to stay ahead in a dynamic industry. The organization's emphasis on work-life balance I can look after my home aswell work, ensured a healthy and sustainable approach to my professional journey.

When I embarked on this transition, I knew it wouldn't be an easy path. The IT landscape is vastly different, and I had my fair share of doubts.  

The opportunities provided, by CEO Sanjeev, Under CEO Sanjeev's leadership, opportunities abound. His unwavering support and guidance have been transformative, creating a culture of growth. From mentorship to career development initiatives, his vision fosters success. The doors to possibilities are wide open, a testament to his commitment to empowering each team member at every career juncture.

I extend heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues, mentors, and the organizational culture that has been a guiding force in my evolution. This transformative experience has not only molded me into a proficient recruiter but has also instilled a deep sense of loyalty and appreciation for the company that values its employees' growth and well-being. Thank you for being the catalyst in my career.

In my journey, my colleagues and mentors have been like stars lighting my path. The organizational culture, shaped by their wisdom and camaraderie, has been my guiding force. Together, we've not just worked but evolved, creating a bond that goes beyond the workplace. Grateful for this journey of growth and collaboration.