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Growth Begins at the End of Comfort Zone

Penned By -
Nikita Walwani

Growth, something that’s required in every field whether it's in the workplace or in our daily life. Of Course, it comes with experience but one more thing that is equally important is passion for learning new things.

Your daily life challenges and the process of facing those challenges decide your growth, it's a journey from a starting point to a conclusion of a situation you are dealing with.

You are the only person who is responsible for your own growth, nobody else. Your choices, ability to make decisions precisely and at the right time, not working in the same way, finding new ways and challenging ways of sorting things out, adapting to new changes etc.

Let's dive into how you can start growing, leaving your comfort zone behind.

How I Begin My Journey  

I started my career as a graphic designer. And I always wanted to be a developer as I enjoy learning different programming languages and working with them. So, after having 2 years of experience as graphic designer I finally decided to switch my career as developer, Initially it was challenging for me to leave my comfort zone that I had been in for 2 years',  but as we all know that growth begins at the end of comfort zone, so I geared myself up and started working hard to achieve my goals. and as a result, I have gained confidence in myself and am willing to learn new skills every day.

Real Growth Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Often people like to work in their comfort zone, complete things leisurely and don't feel the need to change their routine. They don't like to push themselves, brush up their skills because they don’t want the headache or panic of learning new things due to which they don't feel challenged by their work. As a result, they stop their growth and progress.

In the growth zone you may feel the opposite. We all are invested with incredible potential, but we always like to cling to the things that are familiar to us, remaining stuck in our comfort zone, not willing to take risks, not willing to push ourselves to think out of the box, to take new challenges.

Each and every situation has endless possibilities, but they remain undiscovered because of our negligent behaviour and not taking the opportunities seriously. It's fear that is holding us back from trying new things, to take risks and to discover new ideas and weaknesses that inhibit our growth. It is our responsibility to find out that fear and free ourselves from that fear and

Steps to Get Out of Comfort Zone

Comfort zone is nothing but a state of mind that we all have when we are around people that are familiar to us in family or in the workplace.It is sometimes a nice place to stay but not always when we want to experience growth.

So clearly there are many reasons you get out of your comfort zone. Here are some steps to achieve the same and get to the growth zone.

  1. Start with small things :- The best way to start the process of getting out of comfort zone is to start with small things, like if you want to learn swimming, the best start would be in a small swimming pool, similarly meeting with different people and conversing with them will help you to come out of your comfort zone.

  1. Take the first step and coach yourself :- Sometimes you hesitate a lot to start a process, you get nervous or afraid of being judged. In that situation you need to take the first step courageously and coach yourself not to quit in between the process.

  1. Break your routine :- In our daily routine, we become so comfortable that many of us don't like to break their routine and start adding new and challenging things in their daily routines, which certainly stops one’s growth, If we really want to get out of our comfort zone and keep up with time we really need to break our daily routine and start adding and learning new things as a part of our daily routine.

  1. Find friends or coaches which help you get out of your comfort zone :- In a case if you are not able to help yourself in achieving your goals or start learning something new in your life, then you should find yourself a friend or a coach that can help you to start a new process that seems difficult to you who encourages you to take steps and guides you towards the right path.