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Digital Strategic Consulting

Every organization has a story and a journey. While the principles and practices of digital transformation, in theory, may apply to all, the strategy to achieve may greatly from one organization to another. With decades of experience in IT and the magnitude of projects delivered, our team takes pride in always staying at par with the latest technology trends and delivering success to our clients with future-proof solutions.

Elastic Business Process Outsourcing (eBPO)

No two companies are alike and every company has its own standard operating procedures. At ProDT we deep dive into understanding the nature of your processes and deliver customized technology-enabled solutions to ensure the outcomes with the highest efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The commercial models are always aligned towards outcomes and elasticity demands of seasonality and business cycles

Why elastic outsourcing

Lower cost of ownership

Lower Cost of Ownership - Outsourcing can help to reduce labour costs for a company, as an offshore workforce can help to lower wages and reduce governmental regulations, which in turn can decrease labour costs for the company

Low cost of ownership

Elasticity with technology

Demand from modern enterprises to be predictable. Whilst people develop and generate trust and decision-making, the operating processes help the organizations to deliver seamless and consistent decision-making.

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Economy of scale

Administrative costs are disproportionately high in different departments. With outsourcing, however, the administrative costs can be shifted to the company that specializes in this.

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More time for management

In the fast-paced business world, it's important to have a clear and concise management style. One way to achieve this is to outsource some of your company's tasks.

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Tech enabled decision support

Technology has revolutionized the business world and the way companies operate. In the past, businesses relied on gut instinct and intuition to make decisions

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Sustainable standardization

Outsourcing can help in standardizing your processes. We harness our decades of experience and knowledge to provide you with a process that's tailored to your specific outcome.

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Single point ownership

Tech-enabled outsourcing allows organizations to take control of such challenges and significantly reduce manpower costs, reduce manual errors and bring high efficiency in operations and data analytics and reporting.

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