(D2C) Direct-To-Customer

As the consumer space is increasing online, many traditional manufacturers and producers are adopting a direct-to-customer selling strategy. It allows the brands to literally reach the customer's doorstep without the need of any retailing services and increase their brand presence and loyalty.

With ProDT you can embark on your D2C journey right from start till the end. We build you a complete end-to-end capability to get you in the online space and start selling. We do extensive market research, help you build your brand, take care of your entire technology stack (web/mobile/operations), enable social media presence and complete digital marketing services so your products reach the end customer.

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Services we provide

  • Personalised user experience

  • Managed IT

  • Continuous performance improvement

  • Ongoing enhancements  and modifications

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Industry best practices consultations

  • Web , android and iOS

D2C transformation journey

App development

Hassle free, completely managed application



Payment gateway, SMS. Whatsapp / Flexibility to add on


Digital marketing

End to End Digital Marketing Services

Managed cloud

100% managed cloud infrastructure


Pick your D2C journey



Create your own customer experience
Create your own brand

Improved customer engagements

Business analytics enhancement
Highly scalable infrastructure
Secured and complain platform

Scale as you grow